We are always looking for ways to improve our product offerings and make Allan Gray Solutions more flexible for advisers. Due to increased adviser demand, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Investment Menu across our three Solutions products – Superannuation, Investments and Retirement.

Our Allan Gray Superannuation & Retirement Investment Menu now offers over 350 managed funds across all asset classes, while the Investment Menu for Allan Gray Investments has been expanded to include almost 800 managed funds. Both Investment Menus also offer access all the securities in the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Index, selected ETFs, LICs and term deposits from a range of selected providers. Click here to see the choice of investments available in Allan Gray Superannuation & Retirement, or click here to see the expanded range available in the Investment Menu for Investments, as well as the full Investment Menus for each product.

Managed Accounts – making your life more manageable

Financial advisers and dealer groups have been dealing with a wave of regulatory change recently, which put additional pressure on their businesses. Advisers are seeking solutions to help improve efficiency, lower administration costs and help scale their businesses. This is where managed accounts can step up to the plate.

Recent data released by the Institute of Managed Account Professionals Ltd (IMAP) showed that funds under management in managed accounts totalled almost $80bn as at 30 June 2020. This figure will likely continue to rise, as more advisers seek improved and efficiency for their businesses and clients.

It’s hard to ignore the potential administrative and investment benefits that come with a managed account, including portfolio rebalancing, a reduction in the number of Records of Advice (RoAs) to be implemented (RoAs are not required for managed accounts once initial advice documentation is executed, unless switching between accounts) and the ability to potentially deliver consistent portfolio outcomes for clients. Portfolio changes can be made by the professional investment manager as a response to investment decisions made. As a bonus, these changes can be implemented immediately, rather than waiting for a scheduled client review or after a client provides consent.

These administrative benefits focus on productivity, allowing advisers to streamline their operating model and in turn spend more time with clients. Importantly benefits also exist for clients, such as automated rebalancing (that ensures that the portfolio is always tracking to its strategic asset allocation), individual tax benefits and transparency through to the separately managed account (SMA) holdings.

Allan Gray Solutions offers three SMA key benefits for your business:

  1. Select a professionally-constructed SMA from our existing Investment Menu of over 25 models constructed by various managers. Click here to see the managed accounts available in the Investment Menu for Superannuation & Retirement, or click here to see the managed accounts available in the Investment Menu for Investments.
  2. Construct your own private-label SMA. This option is great for advice businesses that want to maintain control over investment decisions and run a model portfolio with automatic rebalancing (subject to certain capabilities and due diligence requirements being met)
  3. Partner with an external investment professional to jointly construct and manage your private-label SMAs.

Financial advisers looking to use managed accounts should consider the type of service they want to offer their clients and find an option which best supports their business model and their clients’ needs.

If you would like to discuss how Allan Gray Solutions can assist with optimising your business efficiency, please contact one of our Relationship Managers. Click here to find your local representative, or to speak to our Client Services team.