With the RBA cash rate at all-time lows, many clients may need to be invested in growth assets to meaningfully outperform cash, but they could be reluctant due to risk and complexity. But beating cash doesn’t need to be complicated, nor high risk.

That’s the essence of a recent feature on the Allan Gray Australia Stable Fund that appeared in Financial Standard. You can read the editorial or watch the short video below to make sure you don’t miss out on learning more about this unique Fund and how advisers are using it with their clients.

The Allan Gray Australia Stable Fund invests predominantly in cash, but looks to outperform the RBA cash rate over the long term by investing up to 50% of the portfolio in the Australian sharemarket.

Allocation to shares is built up when Allan Gray believes great value is present and reduced when prices are high and value is harder to find. It’s as simple as that.

Since its inception in July 2011, the Fund has returned an annual rate of 6.1% versus the 2% the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate has seen as at 31 May 2021.

With a multitude of uses and having outperformed the sharemarket during the five worst market drawdowns since inception, it’s an attractive option for those looking to outperform cash simply, without being fully exposed to the sharemarket.

Find out more in the article, or watch the video below.